Complete Section E: Evaluation Plan.

Describe the methods to be used to evaluate the solution.

Outcome Measure:
•Develop or revise an outcome measure (i.e., data collection tool) that evaluates the extent to which the project objective is achieved. A copy of the measure must be included in the appendix. (NOTE: The data collection tool can be a simple audit tool.)
•Describe the ways in which the outcome measure is appropriate for use in this proposed project.

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Evaluation Data Collection:
•Describe the methods for collecting outcome measure data and the rationale for using those methods.
•Identify resources needed for evaluation.
•Discuss the feasibility of the evaluation plan.
•Identify two possible grant funding sources and why your proposal would be a good fit for these sources.

Complete Section F: Decision Making.

Describe the methods to be used to decide the future of the solution.
•Discuss methods and specific plans to maintain or extend a successful project solution.
•Discuss methods and specific plans to revise an unsuccessful project solution.
•Discuss methods and specific plans to terminate an unsuccessful solution.
•Describe specific plans for feedback in the work setting and for communicating the project and its results to professional groups external to the project

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