Part 3. management and operations (2 pages single-spaced, include

Part 3 of a paper that is due SUnday by 11:00PM EST.

Attatched are the first two parts of the paper (not submited version)

Paper is about a real estate business.

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Part 3.  Management and Operations (2 pages single-spaced, include subheadings)

  1. Describe who will be the CEO and his/her qualifications/experiences in the product/service industry, including both education and work and other relevant experiences.
  2. Describe briefly how you will distribute your product or service. Ref. pages 348-358
  3. Describe how many employees you will need at startup, their particular expertise (e.g. marketing, financial, operations, etc.), and how they will be paid.
  4. Describe what types of external advisors you will need and how they will be paid (e.g. lawyer, accountant, etc.)
  5. Describe the legal organization of your business (e.g. sole proprietor, LLC, Partnership, C Corporation, S Corporation) and reasons for selecting this legal organization form.  Ref. page 600, Table 18.5.
  6. Describe unpaid advisors who will assist you during startup and 3 years thereafter.



All points must be answered.

I am working on posting the pages for E, page 600, pable 18.5

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