Part two original assignment. first part and ta feedback are in the

Part two original assignment. The first part and TA feedback are in the document below. The Action Stage of our GAP Assignment In this stage of our GAP assignments, you′ll action ″do″ whatever your proposed action is and submit a final report. (Please note that you should not ″do″ your action and complete this assignment until you have received your grade and feedback from your GAP(a) submission. The first step for this assignment is just that: to do your action. Create your lesson plan, attend your online training, gather your resources for your resource list, whatever. What do we submit? Take your earlier GAP assignment (which you should have saved as a Word document) and add to it by responding specifically to the following prompts. Please note that some elements won′t apply to your project. Respond to the ones that do. What did I do to address my chosen social injustice? Provide relevant details like who, when, where, how. Is your ″action″ one of advocacy, information-sharing, self-education, or…? What barriers or frustrations did I face, and how did I overcome them? Given the limits of COVID-19 and the inability to attend events or gather with others physically, how did you manage to create a meaningful ″grassroots″ project? What would I do differently next time I seek to address social injustice? You might answer by asking what you would have done if COVID-19 hadn′t been a factor. To what degree did my grassroots activism make a change? How do you know? If it didn′t makes a change, why not? If your action involved creating an artifact (infographic, resource list, etc) or generating any sort of proof of completion (certificate, email, etc), you will want to add that as well. Tips for success This isn′t writing a whole new essay! Just take your earlier assignment and add to it in a way that builds on it. Be sure to answer the posted questions specifically and with enough detail and explanation that anyone off the street could pick up your submission and understand it completely. Try to complete this as if it was an assignment at your first job after graduation! What would you submit to impress your new boss or supervisor and demonstrate your skills and talents? Apply that approach here! 

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