Payroll controls and current events

Review the PowerPoint over Chapter 6

Write a 2-3 page mini research paper on payroll fraud. Utilize at least two recent news sources on payroll fraud as examples. Use the Amberton library – there is help available if you need it to locate the business databases. Using the information you have learned from your reading, offer some of the key controls that could have prevented the thefts that you locate in your current event articles.  You will be graded on your ability to recommend some key controls that could have prevented the fraud that was committed. Please use APA formatting with the bibliography.

Follow the instructions listed in your weekly assignments. There will be a lot of stories to choose from when searching for payroll fraud. It happens all the time! Use the EBSCO library resources through the Amberton University library to search news sources for payroll fraud that has occurred. 

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Utilize the flow charts in your textbook/powerpoints to find out where the systems broke down. Use two articles with different issues and address them within the page limit (2-3).

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