Perception of Older Adults Assignment

Given how society portrays older adults (65+ years of age) to be helpless and all the biases.

Find an older adult 65 and over and predict what that older adult appreciates or is interested in including: habits (sex life) music film and television sports health and or other.
Then talk to the older adult and enquire what is their favorite film or films or shows or performers and write down the results

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exactly 3 pages long double spaced times new roman
1 page Predictions Who you chose to do it with and why
1 page Actual report include some of the dialog
1 page How the response confirmed or refused or modified or assured you in some way about the older adult and if it changed your perspective

must be following must be APA format requirements

+Typed reference page, double space, times new roman, 12 font.
Who you chose to do it with and why

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