Performance Excellence – Malcolm Baldrige Awards. This research paper requires students to synthesize and generalize their analysis and recommendations into a success quality model. You will access to Baldrige Performance Excellence Program website and learn from organizations who have achieved world-class performance level at . Baldrige is the United States national quality award from the President. These award recipients are categorized by sectors; education, healthcare, manufacturing, Non-profit, services, and small business.

From this provided website, you will select only one (1) organization awarded in 2015, 2016, or 2017 that you’re interested to learn about for your assignment. The details information of each award recipient are located in “Award Application Summary”, PDF file. ( )

Based on the research, recommendations and readings from the texts, you’ll answer the following questions:

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What sets the successful companies apart from the unsuccessful companies?
Are successful companies more agile in the marketplace?
Have they cultivated a customer culture?
Is their quality a differentiator?
Have they embraced lean manufacturing or a zero defect perspective?
What are the success factors that set them apart?
What success factors do all of the companies have in common?
What success factors could be applied to make them even more successful?
What model could be developed (flowchart, decision tree, fishbone diagram) that would guide companies towards continuous improvement based on your research?

In your final product you will indicate the name of the selected organization and year of award recipients, provide brief company’s demographic data, and answer questions above. The paper should be within 5-6 pages (double space, Time NW).

Performance Excellence – Malcolm Baldrige Awards

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