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Personal Leadership Portfolio

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The final course deliverable, the personal leadership portfolio, is created by incorporating targeted leadership knowledge development, self-assessment assignments, and homeland security or public safety leadership analysis. The portfolio represents a personal understanding and plan of public safety leadership based on the course research, textbooks, module content, conferences, reports, simulation, and your leadership performance.

The process requires weekly demonstration of leadership knowledge development through discussion opportunities and leadership self-assessment assignments. The submissions are assessed for accuracy and completeness against project requirements and ensure that the development of leadership knowledge, assessment, and analysis provides a maximum foundation for the sequential portfolio development. The completed personal leadership portfolio correlates with professional homeland security and public safety leadership best practices, resulting in a tangible product that can become a base for future leadership development.

The personal leadership portfolio will be a paper of at least 12 pages (not including the cover and reference page, and attachments), presented in APA (6th edition) format, and structured so as to cover all of the following topics:

·         presentation and discussion of academic and anecdotal resource materials

·         deconstruction of current homeland security or public safety leadership

·         identification of acceptable and effective professional homeland security or public safety leadership principles

·         collation of data from personal leadership self-assessment assignments

·         comparison and contrast of self-assessment data, to include applicability, with best practices and identified leadership principles

·         presentation and discussion of future personal leadership development and opportunity




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