Personal Privacy

Personal Privacy
Watch the following video:
If for some reason this link does not work the video is: Privacy Is Dead Get Over It 2:59 minutes long.
TITLE: Privacy in the Information Age
SUBJECT: Personal Privacy
ABSTRACT: You abstract must be a single paragraph of 150 to 250 words that summarizes your research.
This paragraph must include the following:
1. Your initial hypothesis (or opinion) of how technology is affecting personal privacy.
2. Mention some of the websites, internet services (such as Facebook, Twitter) &/or devices, and software that are influencing your opinion on technology impacting personal privacy.
3. Finish the paragraph with a summary of conclusions.
4. If appropriate, include a “Keyword” section at the bottom that lists keywords separated by Commas. What I am looking for is your opinion on whether or not you feel that personal privacy is being negatively impacted by the advent of all the new technology and Web services that people are using continually on a daily basis. Then in the next few sentences I want you to tell me “why” you have the opinion that you do. While you are telling me “why” make sure you include a few general examples that support your opinion; such as, cell phones track everything you do or you lose control over your information once you put it online through social media, etc. Then I would like you to finish by giving me your conclusion about whether this is good or bad, is getting better or worse, whether we should be worried or not, etc. If you use any well-known or trademarked examples or references, capitalize them in the keyword section immediately below your abstract separated by commas.
Divide the body of your paper into three sections.
History : Describe the history of personal privacy as it relates to the evolution of technology over the last 20 years. The history must be at least 250 characters. I am looking for a historical perspective that matches your opinion; such as, if you think that personal privacy is being negatively affected by technology then your historical perspective should start from when personal privacy wasn’t being so negatively affected progressing to the current personal privacy environment and technology.

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