Peru Geo

Peru Geo. Option 1 – Search for news articles about cultural issues related to the place that you are researching for our course assignments. Write a response to this news article in which you discuss specific examples of at least 2 terms or concepts from either Chapter 4 or Chapter 5 that are illustrated by this article. Be sure to provide a citation (with link) for your news article.

Remember the following expectations to be eligible to receive full credit for your Discussion:

1) Your first post should be made by midnight (CST) on Thursday.

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2) You must make at least 2 additional posts (100 words min).

3) You must have a total of at least 200 words of content-focused discussion from all posts.

4) Provide accurate, insightful, relevant examples and information throughout your posts.

5) Respond to all aspects of the discussion prompt(s).

6) Use proper grammar and provide proper bibliographic citations for all sources used to support your posts.

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Peru Geo

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