PESTLE Analysis (PowerPoint)

PESTLE Analysis (PowerPoint).

Public administrators are often called upon to present to colleagues or outside groups. To give you practice with your presentation skills, you are required to create a PowerPoint presentation for your post to this discussion.

Develop a PowerPoint presentation using the following format:

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Create a PowerPoint presentation with a detailed presentation notes section completed. This approach uses a PowerPoint presentation with detailed notes in the notes area at the bottom of each slide. The presentation notes are a transcript of the presentation you would make if showing the presentation to an audience.

In this discussion, create a PowerPoint presentation about your analysis of the environment in which the public administrator will be working to address the problem you have identified for your work in this course. Unlike the SWOT analysis conducted earlier, the PESTLE analysis explores the environment in which the public administrator has to work. Having an understanding of how differing sociopolitical factors may affect the decision-making environment will provide insights into ways the public administrator might wish to tailor the message to better market proposed alternatives to improve the chances of achieving optimal outcomes for the community and the organization.

Use the attached Information for Discussion 1 and 2, Cost Benefit Analysis Assignment Paper; and Identifying the Problem papers to get the paper topic and understanding of the problems being analyzed with the Indiana Department of Child Services.

Your PowerPoint presentation must include (minimum of seven slides):

· A cover slide.

· An introduction slide.

· At least one slide for each of the three alternatives identified earlier. These slides will include a brief PESTLE analysis for each of the identified alternatives, providing insight into how each of the alternatives might be viewed within the community.

· A conclusion slide.

· A reference slide.

Please support your ideas with recent, scholarly sources that are properly cited and referenced in APA style.

  • AssignmentPowerpointw7.docx
  • InformationfromDiscussions1and2.docx
  • CostBenefitAnalysisAssignmentPaper.docx
  • IdentifyingtheProblemsAssignment.docx

PESTLE Analysis (PowerPoint)

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