Plagiarism forum based off 3 articles | comm120 | American Military University

  Plagiarism is not something that just might occur in college papers; there are social and financial consequences to plagiarism in the real world (CO4). Please review the 3 following plagiarism cases:

  • Jayson Blair and the New York Times.  (CLICK THE NAME) OR
  • Jonah Lehrer and the New Yorker.  (CLICK THE NAME) OR
  • Surfin’ USA” and “Sweet Little Sixteen.” (CLICK THE NAME) OR


Choose one of the above examples and answer the following questions in 250 words or more:

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  • Describe the plagiarism that occurred.
  • What are the ethical issues related to this plagiarism?
  • Find another example of real world plagiarism and share it with the class.
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