Plato’s dialogue reasonable interpretation

In this assignment, you will be expected to provide a reasonable interpretation of the text. In the first assignment, being ‘correct’ was not an issue. This time, since we have been talking about the Parmenides, being correct will be more important. However, since we are still learning, being slightly wrong will not cost you points. Being completely off will lose some points. Being close to right will improve your score. Being completely on point will score highly.

In this assignment I am looking for your educated analysis. Pick a quotation from Plato’s dialogue the Parmenides. You will be quoting Plato, not Parmenides. This is one of the books you were required to purchase—it is not any of the readings currently uploaded in the “Readings” folder. Do not quote the introduction (the dialogue begins on page 125). You should then explain what that quote means in consideration of everything we’ve discussed in class.

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“‘If god is to be stripped of knowing,’ he said, ‘our argument may be getting too bizarre.’ ‘And yet, Socrates,’ said Parmenides, ‘ the forms inevitably involve these objections.’” (Parmenides, 134e-135a)

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