Please reword these paragraphs in your own words. DO NOT copy or use the same words that are in these paragraphs.

Please reword these paragraphs in your own words. DO NOT copy or use the same words that are in these paragraphs..

1- “Organizational behavior (OB) describes an interdisciplinary field dedicated to understanding and managing people at work. This includes self-management.  OB draws on research and practice from many disciplines to deal with how people behave at work” (Kinicki & Fugate, 2016, Chapter Chapter 1, Making OB Work for Me: What Is OB and Why Is It Important?).  

According to Kinicki and Fugate, organizational behavior is a self-discipline that can be brought out from a number of sources.  Kinicki and Fugate explained a few behaviors in the workplace that can be of use.  Some of the examples were management, ethics, vocational counseling and sociology.  It is important for managers to be able to understand all employees at all times in oder to keep the company running smoothly.  Organizational behavior is a key point to a manager’s line of work.  Communication is a key point for keeping employees on the right track, this helps the employees to work as effectively as possible. 

Yesterday while being at work, a customer came into the office where I work asking about a deal that we were offering.  Being unaware of this particular deal, I answered the customer by explaining that we did not have this particular deal and that I would be happy to look into it with the other two ferry lines if he would like me to so that he would be able to take advantage of this deal.  After explaining this to the customer, one of the stock holders came out to the office and asked me to honor this deal. Once the customer left we got in contact with the lady that apparently set this offer up and asked her why no one told us about this offer prior to her leaving for a Fish! conference.  She then explained that she forgot to inform us.  This is an example where if the communication had been there in the beginning, we could have addressed the customer with a correct answer and been able to complete the transaction in a more effective matter.  This manager at first did not have a clear understanding why we in the office, did not know about this offer until we explained that she forgot to tell us.  There had been no organization with this particular situation, and I felt that it was very poorly managed.

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2- According to chapter 2 Personal attitudes affect behavior at a different level than do values. With personal values they are stable long lasting beliefs about what is important to a person. They become standards by which people order their lives and make their choices. With personal attitudes, these are the mental dispositions people have towards others and the current circumstances before makes decisions that result in behavior. In the workplace it would be your personal attitude, because everyone has different beliefs and your personal values may be against the company’s policy. I recently had an argument with my head supervisor and to me I would say the result was because of my attitude. The current situation that was going on at the time had me directing all of my negative behavior towards my boss, due to me feeling like he was not respecting the companies work values. I do feel like if someone else was in the situation they probably would have probably handled it with using personal values due to where the situation happened.

3- One of the things that chapter discussed is how people with good intentions, and not necessary criminal minds also find themselves making poor ethical choices. Sometimes we have to learn with time, and sometimes the results can be large. I have worked in the banking field for 10 years and Ill be honest my judgment and my ethics have gotten better because I have made poor choices in the past! There is a big difference between a bad judgment call, with good intent & a bad judgment call with bad intent. The problem is how you tell the difference. As a leader, I look for traits and trends. I try to build relationship with my direct reports and i always give them some level of making judgment calls, but I also make them accountable for their choices

These paragraphs are from my classmates and I have to answer them. Can you please help me to do so?

  1. I thought this was a great chapter and start to this course. I have worked for the same company for 18 years and have held many positions. In reading this chapter it helped me see how I came to the position I am in today and also gave me some insight on what I need to continue to focus on to continue my career growth.  I am currently a Project Manager and have just been asked to also be the Vendor Manager for one of our offshore vendors.  I believe I was asked to take this over due to the last project i worked on as a PM in acquiring a company from a bank. I spent the last year working with the bank on everything from the legal documents to integration into our systems to process credit reports to now which is maintenance, customer service and ensuring our customer is happy. I’m sure my soft skills played a huge part in being chosen for my new role which is exciting. Now, with the help of this chapter I hope to increase my value to continue my growth. 

2- According to chapter 1 ethics are the concern with dealing with behavior, right versus wrong, good versus bad, and many shades of gray between. When dealing with ethical behavior you’re basically differentiating between good and bad through ethical principles. When dealing with an unethical person you’re basically dealing with an individual who refuses to adhere to the proper conduct. Lack of ethics in the workplace can lead to many different issues, such as legal issues or even tame the company’s credibility. When the behaviors in the workplace are ethical it leads to good business employee relationships, better job performance, and even makes the company’s image appear better.

3- As with any group, I think size play a major role on organizational behavior. My current company I work for was a small organization six ago when I first started working for them. Within my first year of working with my company, I felt a sense of family, the training was more intimate, the CEO knew every managers name, and they knew what each individual brought to the company. The company has doubled in size in the last five years, we are always discussing the mission statement, it is impossible for anyone to be trained properly, there are people in position that should not be there, and at my last manager’s retreat, over half of the managers were new. This shows that while there is to behave or manage a company, it still depends on the company itself as a whole. It also shows that people may not understand the importance of organizational behavior; if your company is small you still should manage it as big company, because that is where everyone wants to be. When you have a large organization, you should nurture it like a small organization so employees and patrons don’t feel like a number.

4- When we first found out that we were going to be moving, my anxiety skyrocketed a bit. But then I decided to look at it as a good thing. The good thing about this move was my husband received his own store, doubled his salary, and i can stay home with the kids and focus more on school. I feel as if i had to change my attitude in order to make this move a value. Being in Utah is great and i am learning my way around. Once i am comfortable with my surroundings, my good attitude will turn into great attitude.

Please reword these paragraphs in your own words. DO NOT copy or use the same words that are in these paragraphs.

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