POLI330N CCN State of Union Speech 2019


As I noted in my announcement earlier today, I am offering students the opportunity to respond below about tonight’s speeches (9pm EST start time) and have it count as one of your peer responses for the week.

This will be the 96th in-person delivery of the State of the Union Address, and it is President Trump’s second such address. It will be followed by the Democratic response by Stacey Abrams, who in 2018 was the first black female gubernatorial nominee in the history of the United States; she narrowly lost her bid to become Georgia’s governor.

If you choose to respond to this, please display your critical thinking skills (as always). What stood out to you? What was emphasized? What did you agree or disagree with? How did you watch it (which channel/site/stream)? What sounded implementable and what didn’t? What questions might you have?

Dr. T

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