Political Science Assignments

Hi i have three assignments on my political science course and it’s due midnight easter time tonight and here is the assignments :

Assignment number 1: write in about 200 minimum to 250 words about some of the worlds issues today include: the refugees crisis, world hunger, climate change, global finance, ISIS/ terrorism and gender equality.

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Which issues do you see the most pressing and why? How should it be addressed and by whom?


Assignment 2:

In 200-250 words, reflect on the following: what is your level of knowledge about world politics and government? What is your level of interest in world politics and government? Are there specific issues you hope to see covered over the course of the semester? What do you hope to get out of this course? As with any assignment you will have in this course, honesty is appreciated.

Please do not use outside research to respond to this assignment. This should be a personal reflection on what you know about world politics and government.


Assignment 3:

In 300-350 words, please respond to the following:

A popular doctrine in politics, often attributed to Machiavellil (although he never explicitly stated it as so), states that the “end justifies the means.” What does this mean? Should we accept this doctrine no matter what the end or the means? Why or why not?

If you are unfamiliar with this doctrine, please do a little research before responding. If you use outside sources in your response, please cite appropriately and include a works cited page. Failure to do so would be considered plagiarism.

Please do not accept the question unless you can fully understand the homework and ready to do it by the deadline I will set up the deadline by 11:00 pm eastern timing.

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