Porter’s Five Forces Analysis of Apple Company


Conduct a Five Forces analysis for the Apple company. You may have to research Michael Porter’s Five Forces to gain a complete understanding of what it means. Essentially, I’m looking for a paper with five sections covering the following topics: threat of new entrants, threat of substitutes, bargaining power of customers, bargaining power of suppliers, and industry rivalry. How is the Apple company competitively impacted by companies and customers in their market? The Wikipedia page for Porter’s Five Force Analysis has a very nice list of factors to consider in each of the five sections.

You should find and reference a few (at least 3-4) news articles to reference the company’s current situation. I would also suggest looking at annual reports or other financial filings.

Please follow these guidelines when writing the paper:

  • Include a cover sheet with your name, your paper title, the date.
  • Times New Roman, 12 pt font
  • 1-inch margins on all sides (top, bottom, left, and right)
  • 6 pages of text (~1,500 words)
  • List all references you use

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