In you response address at least the following:

Which aspects of your classmate’s analysis of diffusion of innovation concepts (applied to school mitigation) do you agree with and where do you diverge in your thinking about the strategy? This should be at least one idea you add to their response or a different point of view in 2-3 sentences. Your response should be substantive in that it directly addresses the content of your classmates’ response.

Respond to this post;

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  1. After reviewing the five main mitigation strategies proposed to reduce the spread of COVID, I believe that staying up to date on vaccinations, will be more difficult to implement. The easiest implementation strategy would be staying home when sick. I argue that implementing up to date vaccination would prove to be more difficult due to various system norms influenced by opinion leadership. The COVID vaccine in the United States has been politicized and has contributed to hesitancy and mistrust among the American public. The vaccine, despite its recent equitable accessibility, is not sought out by everyone and is optional for underage students. The decision to take the vaccine is surround by the permission of parents who are influenced by leaders of their communities (in a formal and informal position). The conformity to the norms of their unique communities will dictate the willingness to stay up to date or even acquire COVID vaccination Moreover, staying home when sick is more likely to be perceived with having greater advantage, making it less difficult to implement. This strategy is encouraged by promoting the well-being of others, by stopping the spread, but it also comes with applicable laws that provide non-punitive and supportive paid sick leaves. The adoption rate for this strategy would be more likely due to characteristics like, avoiding language that penalizes or stigmatizes staying home when sick, this reassures employees and families. 

2.  To promote the scaling of COVID mitigation strategies, I recommend scaling the variety of impact. By focusing the efforts on community health and scaling out, the variety of these strategies will offer different ways of impact. The community is able to make decisions about which prevention strategies are more suited for their needs, because there are multiple options available. Communities will thrive with the diversification and promotion of equitable strategies

3. Something new that I learn is how interchangeably technology and innovations can be applied in this context. Both words are depicted as synonyms in the book (Diffusion of Innovations) and I will have to get used to the idea of their equal potential impact. I appreciate, however, that in the context of both words there is uncertainty in the mind of potential adopters. Innovation, personally has an approach that encapsulates a human aspect and has considerations like social impact. On the other hand, when I picture technological innovations I automatically picture its consequences. 

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