Pour commencer multiple choice activity answers 100% correct french


Pour commencer  Multiple choice Activity


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Select the correct answer.

1. What object is on the table?

une montre

un stylo

un tableau

2. What is Rachid looking at?

un cahier

un ordinateur

un livre

3. How does Rachid look in this photo?




4. Which word describes what he is doing?






 On their first day back to school, Aurélie and Hassim are discussing their classes, likes, and dislikes. Indicate who would most likely use the books whose titles are listed below. 


  1. Informatique et statistiques
  2. L’économie de la France
  3. L’architecture japonaise
  4. Histoire de France
  5. La Psychologie: Études freudiennes
  6. La géographie de l’Europe
  7. L’italien, c’est facile!
  8. Le droit international
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