Powerpoint. A research power point of 10 or more slides on research of CULTURE APPROPRIATION. sites must be stated as well at the end of the slide.

· Your goal is to research your topic and make a ppt slideshow to present your findings to the rest of the class. As you design your presentation, assume that the rest of us do not know anything about your topic. Therefore, you need to introduce your subject and explain it in detail. I also encourage you to use interesting media to help explain such as brief YouTube video clips. Images (copyright free), and charts or graphs.

· Here is how you will be graded: Note – there is no minimum or maximum number of slides required

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Introduction slide (with name and title) and conclusion slide

Reference slide with at least 3 credible references (I highly recommend using reputable sites such as APA or library databases) I prefer APA style, but will not take off points if you use MLA – just be sure to cite

Thorough explanation of the specific topic based on research:

For instance, if presenting a disorder, include the symptoms and diagnostic criteria. If presenting a theory, make sure to include research and examples in real life.

Presentation: slides are easy to read and the design compliments the topic

Media and graphics included support the topic and add interest for audience


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