Principled Leadership and Ethics T4

Principled Leadership and Ethics T4. Summary:

The reading response assignment is an opportunity to demonstrate your understanding and ability to synthesize concepts presented in this course based on the assigned reading.  This response is based on the article “There is No Such Thing as Business Ethics” and “Upgrading the Ethical Decision Making”  in the textbook Beyond Integrity.

  • How would you describe the purpose of business?
  • Do you agree with John Maxwell that the only ethical guideline you need for business ethics is the Golden Rule?
  • If not, why not?
  • How does Gill react to Maxwell’s view of business ethics?  (See P. 43 Rae and Wong)

Construct a response essay that addresses all four of the issues described above.  The body of your reading response should be 2-3 pages in length in APA format (excluding references, title page, and notes.) You should post your completed assignment to this portal prior to the due date and time noted for this exercise.

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beyond integrity third edition Scott B.Rae and Kenman L.wong

ISBN- 978-0-310-29110-7

Principled Leadership and Ethics T4

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