Privacy Rights and Unionizing

Privacy Rights and Unionizing. Question A

  • Explain three areas in which employee rights and employer responsibilities could result in conflict. How might this conflict arise?

Question B

  • Describe what it means for HR managers when employees win an election to unionize? What can HR do at this point to make sure the employee’s and company interests align?

W7 Lecture 1 “Employees Rights and Disciplinary Measures”

Human Resource Strategies

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Employees Rights and Disciplinary Measures

After getting our favorite morning beverage to begin our day, we anticipate that our day will go as planned and we will dig into our neat projects we are so proud about and share ideas with our team as things move along just fine.

Then the worst happens, someone did something inappropriate and as a result, they were terminated. Examples are:

  • Going to work under the influence of alcohol
  • Displaying sensitive information or inappropriate images
  • Saying sexually explicit of suggestive remarks
  • Saying derogatory comments on Facebook about the employer
  • Misusing company email, computers or resources

All these above-listed actions require some form of discipline up to or leading to termination.

So this is where we begin out discussion about employee rights and discipline.

Employee rights are guarantees of fair treatment that become rights when they are granted to employees by the courts, legislature, or employers.However, this is not that simple. Over the years we have run into an evolution of employee rights.  What topics are on the short list currently?  Workplace privacy issues. What about camera surveillance? How comfortable are we with cameras watching our every move?

Required textbook reading for this week:

  • Chapter 13
  • Chapter 14

Privacy Rights and Unionizing

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