Privilege and Oppression Reflection

I answered one of the questions below to give an idea of the environment I grew up in. I will answer the rest of the questions when a tutor is selected. You will be using my responses and putting them into the paper.

Your paper should follow APA guidelines. Use headings and subheadings as appropriate for organizing the content of your paper. The length of the paper should be from five to seven pages (not counting title page or references). Cite and reference all sources of information used. The paper should be submitted electronically. Use the following outline to organize your work:

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Section 1: Reflections on Life Experiences

·Describe some of the major components of the social construction of the world in which you were raised.

– Raised by African American women

– Family was extremely close and important (we have many gatherings)

– Grew up in an extremely religious family (Christianity)

·Reflect on the following in considering this social construction: How did you experience oppression? How did you experience privilege? How did you oppress others, consciously or unconsciously? What were some of the internal and external blocks to power that you have personally experienced and/or continue to experience?

Section 2: Reflections on Use of Self

·How will you use your experiences of oppression and your experiences of privilege as an educated professional to serve others across all systems?

·What do you most need to work on to continue to develop your own self-awareness and professional capacity in working with others? Provide specific examples.

Section 3: Ethical Decision Making Skills

·In reflecting on your own life experiences, provide specific examples of potential ethical dilemmas that may be difficult for you to navigate (at least two). Ethical dilemmas may include the traditional definition discussed in class and/or specific areas of personal/professional discomfort, also discussed in class.

·Describe a process for how you will resolve the ethical dilemmas or areas of personal/professional discomfort you discuss.

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