PRM 300_Weighted Scoring Model- Week 1- Lab



See the Practice Lab section below for an overview of the Practice Lab system.

Labs are included within the course to supplement the weekly readings with hands-on practice. The lab activities in this course are designed to provide class members practical exposure to Microsoft (MS) Excel and MS Project. Output from the labs are posted in the same week’s interactive assignment, due on Friday (day 4). Be sure to give yourself plenty of time to complete your lab portion of the course and do not wait until the last moment to complete your work!

Projects and programs help an organization meet their objectives, and it is therefore important that an organization choose projects and programs that align with its strategic plan. In Chapter 2 of the textbook, Schwalbe (2016) reviews a variety of tools used in project selection. One of these tools, the weighted scoring model (WSM), will be used in this assignment. However, instead of using this tool to evaluate how an organization’s strategic plan aligns with various proposed projects, you will be using this tool to evaluate how your short- and long-term goals align with the various jobs and careers you are considering.

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