Professional Codes of Conduct . part a:

Professional Codes of Conduct

Prior to beginning work on this discussion read Chapter 7 from the text, review any relevant information from this week’s lecture and read the following online resources:

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There are several professional codes of conducts for IS professionals which are designed to guide their professional behaviors. For this discussion forum, select two Information Systems codes of conduct and address the elements below. Your initial post should be a minimum of 300 words.

  • Describe each conduct code, explaining the emphasis of each.
  • Compare and contrast the conduct codes for similarities and differences.
  • Explain which code you would choose to follow and provide a rationale for your choice.

part b:

Allow Government “Backdoor” Access to Company Technology? 

Prior to beginning work on this discussion read the Keys Under the Doormat: Mandating Insecurity by Requiring Government Access to All Data and Communications (Links to an external site.) and review any relevant information from this week’s lecture.

In an effort to fight terrorism, the federal government has sought the assistance and involvement of major Internet and technology companies (e.g., Yahoo, Microsoft, and Apple) to allow “backdoor access” to their technology (especially their encrypted communications technology) so that the government can better monitor communications of suspected terrorists. In theory, this backdoor access would be a non-public method of accessing the technology that only the federal government would be permitted to use at their discretion.

You are the CIO of a developing American technology company with over 500,000 customers. The federal government has contacted the Board of Directors of your company seeking the company’s participation in allowing the federal government backdoor access to your company’s technology for the reasons stated above. The Board seeks your professional advice and opinion on whether the company should freely give the federal government this type of access to your company’s technology. You need to provide guidance to the Board.

In a minimum of 300 words, explain whether technology companies should voluntarily grant the federal government backdoor access to a company’s technology (specifically their encrypted technology), providing legal and ethical rationale(s) for your determination. Support your position with evidence from your readings.

Professional Codes of Conduct 

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