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Daily Writing 2.1

Use the “Additional Example of a Works Cited Page” handout for guidance when completing the assignment below.

To carefully read the assignment instructions for Daily Writing 2.1,

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Daily Writing 2.2 DUE OCTOBER 19

Draft a persuasive essay that uses a minimum of 300 words and at least three paragraphs that argue for or against the thesis below. 

Thesis: Alabama (or wherever you reside) should ban sales and other distribution of all firearms except for those required by employment.

Agree or disagree C D with the above opinion, but take a clear, logical stand on the issue. Before forming your own thesis,

When forming the thesis (argument, opinion), recall that a good opinion is always supported by facts.

Write the essay from the first-person point of view of a law enforcement officer, the first-person point of view of a wildlife hunter, the first-person point of view of an anti-gun proponent who despises freedom and the Second Amendment to our beloved Constitution, or the first-person point of view of a convicted felon who possesses several automatic weapons, all of which have been illegally obtained.

Just a reminder for anyone who needs it: When writing from the first-person point of view of a law enforcement officer, the voice in your entire essay must be the voice of a law enforcement officer (or hunter, or anti-gun person, or convicted felon), and the voice must be especially strong in the introductory and concluding paragraphs. Do not write about the voice, be the voice. Write from only one point of view, not all four.

The language in assignments that require writing from a particular point of view must conform to the “Checklist for Essays and Other Writing Assignments.” For example, a dirty rotten scoundrel would probably use some unsavory language filled with inappropriate expletives, but if an English Composition student were writing from the point of view of a dirty rotten scoundrel, the voice must be that of a dirty rotten scoundrel, but the writing (usage, grammar, language mechanics) must be suitable for English Composition classroom expectations.

For additional help with point of view,

Underline the thesis in the first paragraph of the essay. In the text of the essay and on a Works Cited page, use and cite the source below and one other online source (MLA format style) that supports your thesis. The textbook and Blackboard are not outside sources.

Lagman citation

Two sources are required. Make sure that the text of your essay includes the in-text citations for the Lagman source and the other credible online source of your choice. The text of your essay must include a short, direct quotation from each source not to exceed eight lines (accumulatively).

For additional help with formatting the Works Cited page and citations, review the model essay and the examples in the Handouts and Course Documents section. Also see the “How To” section for examples of citing the Bible and other variations of multiple authors of one source and multiple sources with one author.

If the last paragraph of the text of your essay is 2, then the Works Cited page will begin on Page 3, the page following the last paragraph of your essay. The page must be titled Works Cited centered at the top of the page, followed by a list of the citations. The Works Cited page must be numbered.



Week 2 Formal Essay DUE OCTOBER 23

Read Daniel J. Solove’s “The Nothing-to-Hide Argument,” pp. 734-743. Some students have the eBook edition of the textbook, and the page numbers are probably different. Search the index for Solove.

If you still do not have a textbook,

Draft a persuasive response (500 words minimum) that considers the audience and Solove’s point of view. The thesis in your essay must address the following argument made by Solove:

Privacy is rarely lost in one fell swoop. It is often eroded over time, little bits dissolving almost imperceptibly until we finally begin to notice how much is gone. When the government starts monitoring the phone numbers people call, many may shrug their shoulders and say, “Ah, it’s just numbers, that’s all.” Then the government might start monitoring some phone calls. “It’s just a few phone calls, nothing more,” people might declare. The government might install more video cameras in public places, to which some would respond, “So what? Some more cameras watching a few more places. No big deal.” The increase in cameras might ultimately expand to a more elaborate network of video surveillance. Satellite surveillance might be added, as well as the tracking of people’s movements. The government might start analyzing people’s bank records. “It’s just my deposits and some of the bills I pay—no problem.” The government then may start combing through credit card records, then expand to Internet service provider (ISP) records, health records, e4mployment records, and more. Each step may seem incremental, but after a while, the government will be watching and knowing everything about us.

Agree or disagree with Solove’s argument, but take a clear stand.

When forming the thesis and writing the essay, also use one additional online source to support your opinion. Your second source cannot be a review of Solove’s essay or his book, Nothing to Hide: The False Tradeoff between Privacy and Security.

Underline the thesis in the first paragraph of your essay. Use and cite the online Solove source and your addition source. Also cite both sources with an in-text citation in the text of your essay and a full citation on the Works Cited page (MLA format style).

Below is an example of the Solove online citation.

Solove citation

Clarification of Sources: Avoid using sources such as Blackboard, the textbook, encyclopedias, quotation Websites, Yahoo Answers,,, Wikipedia and other Wiki sources, social publications such as People Magazine, Jet Magazine, ehow, other social and “Give-Me-an-Answer” Websites, and Weblogs (blogs). Instead, do some serious research. Dictionaries, The Holy Bible, and other reference sources may be used only in connection with other credible sources. Avoid using the dictionary as a source unless you are providing an unusual definition of a word. The same applies to simply defining a word; assume that your audience already possesses a brain and a vocabulary.

If you are not sure if your chosen source is credible, contact me.

One question has already been asked about the URL.

Q: May I use the word Web instead of having to type the entire URL. Some of those URLs are more than four lines long, and it gets on my very fragile nerves to type all of those symbols, numbers, and letters on the same line.

A: I prefer that the entire URL be used because I will access your source to verify the information. Simply copy and paste it, then make sure to remove the hyperlink and adjust the font style and size for consistency. Although the MLA Handbook permits the use of the word Web, it also gives instructors the prerogative to require the use of the URL in citations. Refer to Sections 1.5.4 and 5.6.1. Also refer to the example Solove citation above.

Because this course will eventually transition from the MLA Handbook Seventh Edition to the MLA Handbook Eighth Edition, I will continue to show example citations in addition to those posted in the course Handouts section and How To section. One change that I have already implemented rescinds the requirement to include the protocol https:// and the host www as part of the URL. The angle brackets are also not required, and the date that a source is accessed must be the last component of the citation.

Paragraph divisions provide transition, clarity, and organization to an essay. The formal essay must include a minimum of five, well-developed paragraphs: introductory paragraph that includes the thesis, three supporting paragraphs (minimum), and concluding paragraph.

While reviewing the model essay in the “Handouts and Course Documents” section, notice that there is one short quote (from research) in the paper. Most of the writing in the paper is created by the student, not quoted from another source.

In this assignment, use one direct quotation from each source. Direct quotations may not exceed ten lines (accumulative) of text.

Do not submit essays or a research paper in which a 

Since this is an online course, any online source that you provide must be no more than five years old. Ask the instructor about exceptions. large part is quoted material. I want your writing based on your research. 

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