Project 3: your biggest fear as a hotel manager


Please identify your biggest fear in the title of your post so other students can quickly identify ideas which have been used, and possibly pick alternatives.  You may repeat an idea that another student has listed, but it is preferable that you chose an issue no one has discussed.

Then write 250 words about this fear as a Hotel Manager.

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Your post should include

  • an explanation of the fear, including why you personnally think it would be a very challenging situation.
  • how you think the situation should be handled.
  • examples of how you have seen this situation handled poorly or very well if that is the case.
  • How the public perceives this issue.
  • Corporate policies you may know of that address this issue.
  • Legal ramifications of this issue if any.
  • What would happen if you handled this issue poorly?

Find one article that further explores this issue.

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