Project charter and risks

Project charter and risks.

2 to 4 pages with a spread sheet

For the Unit 1 assignments use the following scenario. Review the scenario first and then continue on with your assignment. Consider saving the PDF or printing it out for your reference.

You have been meeting with the CEO, the project sponsor, your manager, and the heads of all the other departments to discuss the project and their expectations. You are starting to be concerned about the level of risk of this project and whether or not the organization really understands it. As far as you can tell, the company has never done formal risk management, taking a more relaxed approach to risks. You are starting to develop your risk management plan; you will present it to your manager and the sponsor in two weeks along with some other project planning deliverables.

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Assignment Guidelines:

  • Create a project charter and identify the key constraints of the project (scope, budget, timeline, quality, people resources, etc.).
  • Using the scenario from this unit, create a spreadsheet that lists all the project risks you see based on what you currently know about the project. List at least 15 risks. For each project risk, provide a:
    • Detailed description
    • Category (schedule, strategy, people, etc.)

Note: This list will be used in later activities throughout the course.

Your submitted assignment (140 points) must include the following:

  • A 2–4 page typed document that includes:
    • A project charter and identification of key constraints
    • At least 15 risks listed in a spreadsheet with a detailed description and the category of each

Hello Learners,

As you begin work on your Unit 1 Individual Project for this week, I would like to offer some support in your completion of this assignment; as the development of a Project Charter may be a new concept for some. 


Ultimately, the Project Charter is a document (report) that highlights the key Constraints for the Project (as outlined in the “Lectocomp Electronics” Scenario provided for this IP).

 Your Project Charter should include the following key components (Constraints): 

  • Scope (What is the purpose/objective of the project?)
  • Budget (What are the estimated financial investment is required for this project?)
  • Timeline (How long will the organization have to get the project done – what’s the deadline?)
  • Quality (How will the organization measure outcomes – milestones, etc?)
  • People  (Who & What are the resources the organization will need to execute the project?)
  • Projected Outcomes

Once you have developed the project charter, in a separate document, you should develop a list of PROJECTED RISKS associated with the project. This list can be developed in Excel. These risks would be based upon your understanding of how each project constraint impacts the project outcomes and operations as a whole for the organization. An example of a risk tied to ‘ Resources/People’ may be Staff Availability (time, knowledge, etc.).

As a reminder, Please take your time to read the scenario in detail along with assignment expectations. 

Project charter and risks

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