Project management

Project management.


An important element in project planning is dealing with “what might happen.”  A project team can be more successful if they know the best ways to communicate with each other and how to process changes that occur as the project is executed.  By making a formal statement in the project plan about communication and change, the team can work together more successfully.

Unit Learning Outcome(s) Reflected in assignment:

  • Create a project communication and change plan (CLO 3, 4 and 5)


For the project plan you are developing,

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  1. write a 2 page communications and change plan.
  2. include how team members are to communicate with updates and changes and who the stakeholders are who may also need to be informed as changes occur.
  3. include the description of a project management software program that an organization might use to track progress and communicate changes.
  4. specifically address how changes would be handled in your project: how they would be communicated and who would approve them.

Project management

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