Project Management

Project Management.


As a project is completed, there should be a closure process in place to be sure that information is available to the organization in the future. It is helpful to ask team members and stakeholders what went well, what could have been improved and how well goals were met. A well – developed project plan will include an evaluation and closure process to be sure that the project completes this important final phase.

Unit Learning Outcome(s) Reflected in assignment:

  • Identify actions to include in the closing phase of a project. (CLO 5)
  • Conduct a post-project evaluation. (CLO 5)


For the project plan you are developing,

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  1. Describe the information you would gather from the team members and stakeholders and how you would gather the information.
  2. Justify why your project would be considered to be an extinct, an addition or an integration project.
  3. Develop a short evaluation tool that would be appropriate for your project.
  4. Describe where/ how your project information might be stored for future reference.
  5. After writing this final section, place all of the elements of your project plan into a single document.
    • The project plan should have a title page.
    • Any sources used should be appropriately cited and referenced.
    • Each section should have a distinct heading in this order:
      1. Project Description and Goals
      2. Team Members
      3. Project Charter and Scope Statement (from the wk 3 discussion)
      4. Work Breakdown Structure
      5. Budget
      6. Critical Path
      7. Resource Allocation
      8. Communication and Change Plan
      9. Evaluation and Closure
      10. References

Project Management

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