Project management paper

Project management paper.

Using your selected company, develop and construct an APA formatted paper that:

  • Explains the company
    • History
    • Customers
    • Competitors
    • Products and services rendered
    • Growth
    • Where they do business
    • Type of entity (corporation, sole proprietor, etc.)
    • How many employees
    • Other pertinent information
    • Type(s) of technology the company is currently using
  • How the technology is being used, for what purpose
  • Identify a problem (only 1 problem please !!) which requires an IT solution
    • Problem can be an actual problem, such as bad quality, losing customer base, etc….. or…
    • Problem can be growth, expanding into new markets, introduction of new products and/or services, move to an online presence
  • Identify the scope of the work, or deliverable that must be completed
  • Identify a time frame for this scope of work… realistic
  • Identify a budget for this project… realistic 

Project management paper

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