Project plan assignment #4

Project plan assignment #4. You are to complete the following in an Excel document that I have created (see attached)

Project Plan Assignment #4 will encompass you to put together an EMR project plan for XYZ physician’s group based on what you have completed in Project Plan Assignments #1 through #3 and using the attached document.

You will read the attached document called: “EMR Project – Implementation Planning Guide”. In this guide are 10 major steps (see page 2 of the document). Within each of these 10 major steps, you will have different tasks to complete for each of the 10 steps in completing the EMR project plan for XYZ physician’s group. You will have a total of 50-100 tasks once you are completed. This project plan MUST be in date order. Also, you may have some tasks that are completed on the same day which is okay.

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I have provided an example of several tasks in the attached spreadsheet which you will include in your spreadsheet.

Individuals who work in the XYZ physician’s office:

Office manager (this is you)
Medical assistants
Receptionists/intake coordinators
Check out schedulers
Customer service/phone callers

Please complete the attached Excel spreadsheet based on the directions above

Project plan assignment #4

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