Protestant Christianity VS. Jehova

What separates undergraduate-level writing and graduate-level writing in this regard is that graduate-level writing almost always includes some form of argument. There is no real thesis statement in your paper, as it is a presentation of research which you have done. I cannot pass your final draft if it is a simple summarization of information written by other authors. Before you resubmit your final draft, you need to think really hard about what it is you would like to say. Please reach out to me for help if you are having trouble coming up with a specific argument.

I’m giving you a score of ”2″ in the category of readability due to a number of minor grammatical errors which can easily be corrected. Please go through your draft here on Blackboard and click on each of the highlighted annotation to see the corrections I have suggested.

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Please also go through and look at what I had to say about formatting your title page, running head, and one of the entries in your reference page.

Notes from instructor

You need a real, 5-6 sentence introductory paragraph here which introduces a strong thesis statement. Just describing the two denominations and looking at some of their differences will not be enough for this paper. You need to come up with some kind of idea or argument, and support your idea using relevant, up-to-date research.

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