PSY 520 Topic 4 Exercise, Chapter 11 and 12

PSY 520 Topic 4 Exercise, Chapter 11 and 12.

11.11: Two reasons why research hypothesis is not tested directly……that there is strong support for the research hypothesis.  Decision to retain the null hypothesis is …weak support for the null hypothesis.11.19: How should a projected hypothesis test be modified if you’re particularly concerned about11.20: Consult the power curves in Figure 11.7. Estimate the approximate detection rate, rounded to the nearest tenth, for each of the following situations. psy 520 topic 4 exercise


12.7: Question 10.5 on page 231, it was concluded that … population of female members of the American Psychological Association. Is less than that ($82,500) for all comparable members who have a doctorate and teach full time.12.8: In Review Question 11.12 on page 263, instead of testing a hypothesis. You might prefer to construct a confidence interval for the mean weight of all 2-pound boxes …recent production shift.12.10: Imagine that one of the following 95 percent confidence intervals estimates the effect of vitamin C on IQ scores.

PSY 520 Topic 4 Exercise, Chapter 11 and 12

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