psychology (Task 2)

Task 2

In this week’s Task you will explore two important concepts: self and identity.

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Revisit the definitions of social psychology and social cognition from last week. As you revisit those two definitions, also focus in on schema.

Read pages 90-91 of The Science of Social Psychology .

Use professional outside sources along with the eText to think about how you would professionally define self. It’s not necessarily easy; you must read in order to come up with a scholarly definition. There is nothing to write yet. Just prepare mentally.

Watch Happiness Expert, Dr. Dan Gilbert’s TEDx Talk “The Psychology of your Future Self.”

After watching the video, think about what you think a
possible self means?

Research the term. What did you find? Was it different than how you would have defined it?

Read the entire chapter: “Self and Identity (Understanding the Self and Others)” on pages 90-105.

As you read, be very cognizant of the section on “The Social Actor.”

Read Erik Erickson’s “8 Stages of Development.”

Watch more about Erikson’s theory:

Below are a few other videos that may help as you complete this week’s Task.




Determine what stage of development you are in. On a Word document, explain why in at least 150 words. Reference the videos and/or textbook as you write.

Choose one other person to analyze and determine which state of development that person is in. On the same Word document, explain why in at least 150 words. Reference the videos and/or textbook as you write.

Upload your work to Moodle.

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