Purdue Global University Traveling Salesman Problem and Algorithms

Written Assignment Summary (in journal-style format):

Topic assigned to student is “Traveling Salesman Problem

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Your assignment is to write a research paper using Microsoft Word with a minimum of 1500 words and a maximum of 2500 words (not including the References section) on one of 18 Operations Research topics assigned to individual student (i.e., no team assignments) in the given table below. Each student must submit their own individual paper via Bb. It must be word-processed, single-spaced and fully justified. Also, you must have a margin size of 1 inch on all sides (i.e., where the top, bottom, left and right sides are even) of your submitted assignment. Font size for text must be 12 pt and the font type should be Times New Roman throughout this assignment unless otherwise specified below.

Your paper will address different topics/algorithms relevant to the field of Operations Research. The title should be in 14 pt bold-type font and centered, and your name should appear beneath the title (not in bold, but in 12 pt size font). Next, the Abstract section should summarize what your research paper is about, followed by a line called Keywords where you list in horizontal format (i.e., across the page as in many journal articles show) 3-4 words/phrases that are significant to your topic. In addition, each research paper should have a minimum of the following headings:

Introduction – Introduce the topic.

Literature Review – Research and review the literature (When was it created? Who made it?, What are other researchers doing with it?, etc.)

Explanation of the Algorithm/Heuristic Methodology – How does it work?
Examples of Algorithm/Heuristic Usage – Discuss concrete examples of how it is used today in the world. Any

equations used must be properly formatted or you will lose points. Do not use pictures for formulas/equations.Summary/Conclusions – Sum it all up!
References – APA formatted sources…only correct APA will be accepted; otherwise, you will lose points.

These headings should be in bold-type font with 12 pt size. NOTE: This assignment is worth 15% of your grade. Thus, grammar, spelling, punctuation, capitalization, and formatting are critical as much as the technical content of your paper. You must also use a minimum of 3 refereed journal articles (<=10 years old). Additional sources may be used as well and all must be included in the References section.

Next, proper in-text citations MUST appear as (Author, year) and/or Author (year) within the research paper. The style of references that will be used for this assignment is the APA-style. Additional APA formatting information can be found at the Purdue OWL website at


http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/06/ and click the appropriate “Reference List” item on theleft column for the type of source you are using. Be sure that this is done EXACTLY as shown, or you will lose points for a missing comma or period… or even if you forget to italicize the periodical or book title, etc. Formatting is a very important element when putting together your research. Heavy deductions will be incurred if this is violated.

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