PYCL 608 Required KPI Assignment: Assessment Plan

PYCL 608 Required KPI Assignment: Assessment Plan. 10 page paper on the DAST answering the following:

1. Briefly describe the selected counseling setting, types of services provided,and the demographic

characteristics of the clientele served.

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2. Describe the types of testing you will use in your selected setting (e.g., norm referenced testing,

group or individualassessments, standardized or non-standardized testing,environmental, observation)

and select two specific assessments that you would use in your selected counseling setting given the

population served.

3. Identify and describe how your client’s academic/educational,career, personal, or social development

(choose one) will inform the selection of the two assessments and the assessment process,as wellas

how you would use these assessments for diagnostic and treatment intervention purposes.

4. Describe how you willeffectively prepare for and conduct the assessment meeting.

5. What procedures will you use for assessing risk to self or others?

6. Describe the statisticalmethods (e.g., measures of central tendency, types of scores, indices of

variability,correlations, types of distributions) that you would expect to use to analyze the results of

the assessments selected for this plan. If your measure is not norm-referenced, describe how cut-off

scores are used.

7. What ethicaland culturally relevant strategies will you use to select,administer,and interpret these

assessments and test results? This will include confidentiality, informed consent,etc.

8. Administer one of the two assessments selected for this assessment plans to a classmate or a friend.

Provide a summary of the administration process and a video recording of the post-assessment

discussion session where you share

PYCL 608 Required KPI Assignment: Assessment Plan

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