Racial Profiling

Please refine your topic to show how it impacts the three components of the criminal justice system: police, court, corrections. A re-submission is notnecessary. We will be looking for a modification when you submit your paper and do your presentation

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The project essay/research paper (6 pages): This DOES NOT include the title page,

abstract and the reference page. The 6 pages includes ONLY the main body of the


All written materials must follow APA guidelines and demonstrate strong academic writing. We

strongly recommend using Grammerly as a tool prior to submitting your final work. See the

“Grammerly” tab for instructions on how to submit your work using this useful tool.

Your essay should include four major sections: the Title Page, Abstract (150-250

words), Main Body, and References.

The research report projects require approval from the student’s AJS 295 instructor The

professor will then review the topic with the student, and help to hone the project into a

defined and pursuable assignment for the semester.

The student will select a criminal justice topic or a criminal justice crime policy.The student may

select an issue impacting police, courts, or corrections. In selecting one of the core components

(police, courts, or corrections) the students will describe how each component is being impacted

from the issue. The student may also select a criminal justice crime policy. In selecting a criminal

justice policy, the student will describe a police policy, crime policy, or sentencing policy

describing its purpose. In addition, the current status of that particular policy needs to be


The student will select a criminal justice topic or a criminal justice crime policy and will include

the following:

 Critically analyze major issues involved in criminal justice and apply sound arguments

regarding crime-related issues.

 Apply the issues and influences of the inner workings of the criminal justice system

(police, courts and corrections), its agencies and the criminal justice system theory,

research, and practice.

 articulate a critical understanding of the landmark cases using constitutional precedence

(if applicable on the topic selected)

 demonstrate the tenets of the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights

And articulate an understanding of the components of the criminal justice system

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