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Define a class for rational numbers. A rational number is a number that can be represented as the quotient of two integers. For example, 1/2, 3/4, 64/2, and so forth are all rational numbers. (By ½, etc we mean the everyday meaning of the fraction, not the integer division this expression would produce in a C++ program).

Represent rational numbers as two values of type int, one for the numerator and one for the denominator. Call the class rationalNum


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Include a constructor with two arguments that can be used to set the member variables of an object to any legitimate value. Also include a constructor that has only a single parameter of type int; call this single parameter whole_number and define the constructor so that the object will be initialized to the rational number whole_number/1. Also include a default constructor that initializes an object to 0    (that is, to 0/1).


Overload the input and output operators >> and <<. Numbers are to be input and output in the form 1/2, 15/32, 300/401, and so forth.  Note that the numerator, the denominator, or both may contain a minus sign, so -1/2, 15/32, -300/-400 are all possible input. The input operator, >>, reads the string 15/32 as 


Overload all of the following operators so that they correctly apply to the type rationalNum: ==, <, >, +, -, *, and /. 


Write a test program to test your class.


[Hints: Two rational numbers a/b and c/d are equal if a*d equals c*b. If b and d are positive numbers, a/b is less than c/d provided a*d is less than c*b. 


  1. (a/b + c/d) is given by:

Numerator =a*d + c*b

Denominator = b*d


  1. (a/b – c/d) is given by 

Numerator = a*d – c*b

Denominator = b*d




  1. (a/b * c/d) is given by

Numerator = a*c

Denominator = b*d


  1. (a/b divided by c/d) is given by

Numerator = a*d

Denominator = b*c



The numerators and denominators of rational numbers tend to become large, so it is better to normalize intermediate results. This is achieved by calling a method, normalize(), on the number as shown:

cout << “The sum of the two numbers is: “ << result.normalize() << endl;


Here’s the function that you call to normalize the number. Make it a member function of the rationalNum class. It is called in the driver program to:


  • Display each input number read
  • Display the results of the arithmetic operations.


rationalNumber rationalNumber::normalize()


  rationalNum temp;

  int x,y,z;




  z=(x*x < y*y)? (z=x):(z=y);

  for (int i=2; i*i<=z*z; i++){

    while ((x%i)==0 && (y%i)==0 )







  if (y<0){




  else {




  return temp;



Here’s the output of test run of the driver program using rationalNum objects.




Enter the first value:  2/3


Enter the second value: 3/5


value1 is                       2/3

Normalized value1:              2/3


value 2 is:                     3/5

Normalized value2:                      3/5


addition                        19/15

Normalized sum:         19/15


subtraction                     1/15

Normalized difference:  1/15


multiplication                   6/15

Normalized product:     2/5


division                        10/9

Normalized quotient:    10/9


is 2/3 < 3/5 ?  no

is 2/3 > 3/5 ?  yes

is 2/3 =  3/5 ?         no


Press any key to continue . . .

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