Each week, you will be asked to respond to the prompt or prompts in the discussion forum. Your initial post should be a minimum of 300 words in length, and is due on Sunday. By Tuesday, you should respond to two additional posts from your peers, 75-150 words.

Project Scheduling

What are the best or most popular software for PERT/CPM project on the market? Can you give one or two examples of how companies can use these software in real world projects?

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John Pfeffer                         

While researching PERT /CPM I found that there were multiple different software programs. The most popular that I could find were PERT Chart Expert and GANTT Project. They seem to be one of the more used software’s as I found them in a couple of articles on the best and most used PERT softwares. It seems that many people can use this to figure out the best path to take when planning out a project. 

Let’s say that you are using the PERT software to plan out the launch of a new product. You can list out all of the different variables that will contribute to the final release and find out what the best path for the company would be. Think of it like a flow chart that allows you to choose the best direction to head for the project. Imagine you were creating a college book and you had the steps to launch the product. The steps would be laid out and you would order them in the sequence you would need.


Anthony Pappas                 

One of the more popular CPM software that I found out there when doing research was GANTT chart software. One reason that the GANTT chart program is so popular is that is has changed over the years to really help project managers be able to stay on top of their projects and it seems to streamline timelines, priorities and other things a PM would want to track. It also provides graphic illustrations which seems to be much easier to use via graphs then just data. This way everyone involved in a project can go in and see where things stand so it is exclusive to use and very user friendly. If you are a PM you want to be able to track all if the priorities in a project and also see who is responsible for what and how the time line looks on your projects. So the GANTT software seems to be a very viable way for PM to stay up on things and their employees. Seems like when doing the research GANTT was one of the programs that was very popular and has been around a long time but has changed to accommodate needs of today’s project managers.


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