Read an article and answer some questions

1. What are the three facts that Pfeffer mentions that are pervasive about the American workplace?

2. Would you agree that “distrust of management is pervasive” (Pfeffer 116)? Why or why not? Use reasoning and 50 words or more.

3. Given today’s ever-increasing technology and the fact that more and more people are working at home, do you see this as allowing workers more time with their families, or would you agree with Pfeffer that there is a “growing conflict between work and family” that results in “employee disengagement and diminshed productivity” (117)? Respond in 50 words or more.

4.Discuss what Pfeffer calls the “high road” and the “low road” approach (118). Responding from a personal standpoint, would which you prefer a company to take if you were an employee? And if you were the owner? If those are different, how might they be reconciled? Respond in 50 words or more.

5.Pfeffer mentions that workers are dissatisfied with “pay for performance” and that the strategy can create “feelings of inequity” (121). Why is that and do you agree? Respond in 50 words or more.

6. Pfeffer describes how training, information sharing and decentralized decision making can activate the norm of reciprocity (122-123). First, define each of these four words and then describe, in your own words, how these practices can positivity or negativity influence a company. Do this in 50 words or more.

7. Throughout the article, Pfeffer suggests that performance and job satisfaction are tied just as much to the work they are doing as to how well they fit into the company culture (social relations). Explain the evidence he uses to argue to this (mention at least three points) and then discuss if you agree with his point or not and why. Respond in 50 words or more.

8. List the reasons that Pfeffer mentions that describe why an organization might not adopt human resource management innovations. Do this in 30 words or more.

9. List 4-6 important pieces of information that you garnered from this article. Then, write a one or two sentence summative statement (summary sentences) of what you believe to be Pfeffer’s overall argument or point. Do this in 40 words or more.

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