Reading: accessibility and data visualizations

Read the following two articles from Nightingale and then provide a critique of the Show Your Stripes graph by Ed Hawkins.

After reading the two articles, apply what you learned to identify issues that the graph presents for being accessible. Consider what changes you would make to the graph or the way it is presented online so it is improved for an audience that has people with low or no vision, color-blindness, deafness, or an attention disorder. Consider how people with a disability might interact differently or need a different design.

To demonstrate your understanding,

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  • Connect to the lessons from the readings about accessibility
  • Identify specific issues of the Ed Hawkins visual that are problematic
  • Reimage a better design and provide suggestions towards improving it

You should submit 4-7 sentences in your responses to address at least one well-articulated design change. 

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