Reading reflection: my name is brain brian & dyslexia

As you read the book My Name is Brain Brian, find examples of at least two Signs of Dyslexia that Brian had, at least three things that his teacher did to create a Dyslexia-Friendly Environment, and at least two things that his teacher did that reflect the theorists you learned about a few weeks ago. Be sure to provide examples with quotes and page numbers from the novel, as well as citations and references for the two dyslexia articles and the theorists. Remember that to get ″exceeds″, you would find more than the minimum, maybe read an additional article on dyslexia, or offer some real-life examples. Link for Signs of Dyslexia to use for Essay: Link for Dyslexia Friendly Environment to use for Essay: Theories to use for this assignment are attached in files to this order. Please use APA 7 for this Essay: Use Owl Purdue as a resource to help you make this Essay APA 7 Format and help you with APA 7 Citations. Please do everything correctly, neatly, and properly. I want to exceed expectations for this assignment and make an A+ on this assignment! Thank you!

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