reflection. From your reflective blogs throughout the semester think about the content that was most impactful. You will write one reflective commentary which will include an overview of what you learned. The paper should be approximately 3 pages. • Introduction—An overview of your paper’s layout (typically one paragraph) • Overview- Synthesize key concepts that spoke to you covered in the chapters and lectures (not a chapter by chapter synopsis—just overview and integrate key concepts that you covered within your blogs). (NO MORE THAN ONE PAGE) • Lessons Learned—What key take away did you gain from this course through the self- assessments and the discussion board? What best practices did you learn about that you hope to exercise? What did the self-assessments teach you about yourself? • Personal Action Plan—How will you apply what you learned from this course? What are your strengths and weaknesses and how will you work to improve your managerial skills?


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