Requirements Document

Application title:  Mobile Phone Purchase

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Purpose:  This windows application calculates the cost for a mobile phone from the Mobile Phone Store.


Procedures:  From a windows application, a buyer selects a mobile telephone for purchase. The buyer also can elect to buy a charger for the particular phone. A buyer is either in the store or is buying over the internet. The program calculates the cost of the phone and charger purchased.

Algorithms, Processing, and conditions:

1. The consumer enters their last name, street address, and zip code. If buying over the internet, the buyer also enters an email address.

2. The buyer selects a phone from a list of phones.

3. The user can select the type of charger from the list of chargers.

4. Based on the phone and charger selected, the program calculates the total cost.

5. The total cost for a store purchase must include 7.75% sales tax. No sales tax is included for internet sales.

6. An internet sale generates a shipping charge of $28.00.

7. The types of phones an their costs are: Blasstur 451: $279.81; Elecque 9801: $193.71; Gainlet 3: $328,44; Nomadic 2900: $253.72; Querta 332: $479.36.

8. Three types of chargers are available: Auto: $63.92; Mobile: $42.66; Desktop: $27.31.

9. Write a comma-delimited text file to record each sale. The text file should contain the user last name, zip code, phone choice, charger style, and total cost.

Notes and Restrictions:

1. Validate data the user enters using accepted standards.

2. In-store is the default of buyer.

3. The Email label and text box does not display unless the user is an Internet buyer. An Internet buyer must enter an email address.


1. The picture shown in the application has been inlcuded. Its name is cell phone.jpg.

2. The program should use a three-tiered structure with presentation, business, and persistence classes.


1. The user views the opening screen

2. the user enters last name, street address, and zip code

3. The user selects a phone from the phone choice list and, if desired, a charger from the charger style list.

4. The user selects either In-store or Internet as the type of buyer. If an Internet buyer, the user must enter an email address.

5. The user clicks the Calculate Cost button.

6. The program displays the cost of the sale.

7. The program writes a record of the sale in a text file.

8. The user can click the clear form button to enter another sale.

Other notes: I need an event planning document and the entire VB project

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