RESEARCH PAPER. The objective of this paper is for you to understand the motivation theories and develop such theories and principles as part of your own leadership and organization styles. You should also describe barriers to achievement and how to overcome them.
This paper should contain the following components:
1) Find a specific emerging motivational system or issue occurring at your workplace or organization.  This must be an issue you personally experienced, not a case study from an organization. If you have never worked, use an experience from a club or team.
2) Write a brief introduction about the selected formal organization and its motivation problems.
3) Apply at least three motivation theories to assess and solve the problems. You can use theories from the text, such as Maslow or Herzberg, or outside sources for motivation theories such as the Attribution Theory of Motivation (the book discusses attribution theory) or the Argyris Theory. Apply is the key word here; apply the theory to your specific situation rather than simply defining the theory.

4) Analyze barriers to motivation processes that will hinder the application of your chosen motivational theories.
Format your paper based on APA Style, 6th edition. Include a cover sheet and references. The length of this paper should be between 1,800-2,000 words (Times New Roman 12pt font). Please use MS Word and Deposit here by double clicking the assignment title.


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