Research Paper INFORMATION

Research Paper INFORMATION.

Part 2 of Research Project. You will use the public   corporation that you selected and posted in the Week 1 discussion 2 and the   Part 1 of the Research Project that you submitted in Week 2.  Your Abstract will have the sentence you included in your Week 2 submission of Part 1 and add sentences briefly summarizing the content that you are added this week.

Page one of the body of the paper will have an introductory paragraph that briefly summarizes the content of your report in   the exact order that it appears in your report. The introductory paragraph is   like a table of contents in sentences. You will keep the one or two   paragraphs without any quoted material that you had in your week 2 submission. Edit using any feedback and guidance received via your grade   book.

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You will now add the common-sized Income Statements   (i.e., started in the Week 4 class discussion) and Balance Sheets (i.e.,   started in the Week 5 class discussion). Discuss the trends that you see as   compared to Industry Averages (i.e., started in Week 1 class discussion) for   your corporation.

Have headings and sub-headings in your report.

Add a Summary with Conclusions paragraph at the end of your report. The last page is your reference list. Every item in the   reference list must be actually cited in your writing. Every item cited in your writing must appear as a reference list item. 

Research Paper INFORMATION

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