Research project 1

Research project 1.

Public Finance

Instructions:  There are several questions that must be comprehensively answered.  You must support your answers with examples, illustrations, comparisons or contrasts.  Research Projects must included 4 references supporting your answers and presented in APA format. 

Your responses to the questions must include the corresponding question numbers such as 1, 1a, 2, 2a, 2b, etc. You must include a title page and reference page.  

Format:  Your paper should follow APA guidelines and be a minimum of 3 pages (title page and reference page are not counted), double spaced, 1” margins, paginated, print style New Times, print size 12 point, and Microsoft Word format. 

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Each answer to the questions in the paper must be labeled with the corresponding question number and failure to label each answer will result in twenty points being deducted from the overall score.

Project Research Questions

The Property Tax is a major source of revenue for most local governments. It’s role varies significantly by state and by region. For this project answer the following questions:

1.     What laws govern the use of the property tax in your state?

1a.   Are there restrictions placed on the local government’s use of the property tax?

2.     Does your state levy a property tax?

2a.   How does it compare with the local property tax?

2b.   Does the stateplay a role in collection of the local property tax?

3.     Do tax rates on various types of real property differ according to used or some other type of classification?

3a.   If yes, what is the rationale behind taxing different types of realty at different rates?

4.     What is included in the property tax?

4a.   Is tangible or intangible personal property taxed?

4b.   If yes, what types  of property is included?

4c.   What is the tax rate?

5.     How have aggregate revenues from property taxes changed over the last decade?

5a.   How has the percentage of the property tax as part of total local government revenue changed?

5b.   What changes do you anticipate in the future?

5c.   What factors will likely affect the property tax in the next decade? 

Research project 1

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