Research Project

Research Project. Purpose

During this week and next, you will develop the first draft of your final product for your semester research project. You will design, develop and present your argument research as a formal presentation. Learning to compose presentations provides you with experience in writing professionally for a variety of audiences; it also serves as a way for others to learn about and study the many complications children’s literature has to offer.

At this point in the development of your final research project, you have composed a tentative argument thesis focused on a topic you selected from the Research Project Topics. You have spent time reading and conducting extensive research about the thesis argument you developed. In addition, the research materials you found have been listed in your annotated bibliography for easy access and reference. From that research, you have completed a sentence outline/first draft for your presentation.

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Now it’s time to take that research and apply it to a formal presentation. Your presentation needs to be a composition of text, visuals, and audio, reflecting the research you have completed this semester. You may choose to use PowerPoint for your presentation, or any other digital presentation format that allows you to use text, visual, and audio.

Your project presentation should include:

an introduction with your argument thesis written/stated at the end of your introduction
a body that shows strong evidences and supporting ideas that address and support your thesis;
a conclusion that sums up your argument and findings;
visuals and/or engaging materials that enhance the design of your presentation and complement your argument and research;
a balance between text, visuals, and audio;
clear and fluent writing that is error free from grammar and mechanical errors;
use of at least 7 credible, valid sources in research;
MLA 8 formatted in-text citations for all sources referenced or used in any form or fashion;
MLA 8 formatted Works Cited for all sources referenced or used in any form or fashion, including source citations for images.

Research Project

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