For trials to be considered fair the process must not be in conflict with the constitution and the law. Jury selection most times should be built of honest, upstanding citizens in that community. Individuals who are considered pillars in the local areas. In the selection process race must not matter in choosing who can make a sound judgement of the person, case, any evidence or details presented to them. Racial bias largely seeps in through what are called peremptory (Christian, 2018). The selection process can hinder a fair trial by stereotypical behavior and bias in individuals whose responsibility should be in respect to the law not personal gain. individuals from certain neighborhoods are often removed from juries, tempting for residents to view their police and prosecutors as hostile occupiers in public safety.

Christian Hansen, 2018 4 December, Yes, Jury Selection Is as Racist as You Think. Now We Have Proof, The New York Times,

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