hello everyone my name is Devin Pierce, I currently am a personal trainer at a local gym I love it. a goal of mine has always been to help people and I love working out so it made perfect sense to train people while doing something I love. I’m majoring in criminal justice because a teacher at a community college of mine really opened my eyes with criminal justice and all the different fields you can go into, and I found it very intriguing and haven’t looked back from it.

A criminal justice court system that interest me is probation more so juveniles. I want to help the youth and be the voice they made need to change their life around, even though I might not have been in their shoes but I definitely have family and friends that when down that path so I know a lot about the situations they might be in. I feel being that young and being in the system can be traumatic and they do deserve a second chance in life and society. I can give them good advice and try to get them on the right track, because you never know who you can truly impact just by showing you care can change their lives. 

Then, respond to two of your peers. Consider the following in your responses:

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  • What knowledge, skills, and aptitudes are needed to be successful in their career position of interest?
  • Do you have any experience in their career position of interest? If so, share a brief story from your experience.
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